2016: The Year That Sucked.

I think we can all agree that 2016 was a bit of a stinker.

What we can’t agree on is what albums/songs/whatever was awesome in 2016. Wall Of Sound wanted a Top 20 list and to be honest I had a hard time thinking of five things that came out this year. Desert Highways only wanted 10 and that was still hard but I got there in the end and included a record that features two songs. In my defence they are really long songs. I’ve listened to 4-song EP’s that were shorter.

So, it’s about 4 days til this year ends and to make sure I end this year the same way its started, my stomach hurts thanks to the lack of gallbladder (seriously guys why don’t they offer transplants?!) and I feel like something might explode soon because instead of getting a glass of water I went for the can of coke and I’m going to be sitting here a while, so I’ll pretend to be productive though if I REALLY wanted to be productive I’d get off my ass and send photos to the website builders..but I currently dislike everything I’ve ever shot. This is a less traumatic experience.

Top 5 Movies of 2016

I’m a visual person. Movies are always playing in the background while I edit. Thanks to my friend Loren, Netflix has also taken over my life. I’m trying to currently go cold-turkey from that by binge watching Grey’s Anatomy off my computer instead. I don’t think I’m doing this right?

  1. The Conjuring 2
    Leigh Whannel/James Wan are the new Kings of Horror! Also there was a scene that inspired part of a photoshoot I’ve been working on for the last few years. Inspiration can come from anywhere!
  2. Deadpool
    I loved Ryan Reynolds long before he became Deadpool. He is Deadpool. Just watch any of his movies from the 90’s.
  3. 10 Cloverfield Lane
    Horror sequels can sometimes be hit or miss, but this was really clever and kept you wondering wtf was going on! Need to give special mention to that Ouija movie, we saw that and didn’t even know it was a sequel until an hour before seeing it but it was more of a prequel and didn’t matter. That movie was pretty cool. Based on reviews I will never be watching the first one though #moviesnob
  4. Swiss Army Man
  5. Bad Neighbours 2
    I’ll watch just about anything that has Zac Efron not wearing his clothes.

Top 10 Albums of 2016

You can just wait for Desert Highways to post stuff but special mentions need to go out to Blindspot, Hope Street, Two For Flinching, The Fckups and Ben Elliott who all released stuff this year (even if two of them were this month, it counts). Also to Scalphunter for casually torturing us with releasing one song here and there. I tried to avoid putting EP’s on the list, but right now I don’t even remember who I put on the list..

Top 10 Songs of 2016

  1. Bang Bang – Green Day.
    Seriously all the Green Day haters can bite me, this song makes my day! 
  2. Men With Square Eyes – Scalphunter.
  3. Bruja – Rick Dangerous and the Silkie Bantams.
  4. Why Generation – Fidlar
  5. I Don’t Want To Fall In Love – She Wants Revenge.
    So….this came out 10 years ago, but I only discovered this band about two months ago. Just to refresh your memory this is MY top 10 songs of 2016…
  6. Bullshit – Dune Rats.
    Everything you say is bullshiiiiiiiiiit. Yep. I really like this song.
  7. Timeless – DMA’s 
  8. Cry – The Used.
    I was a big My Chemical Romance fangirl. Am. Was. Whatever. The ‘Life On The Murder Scene’ dvd really made this guy look like an uber creep so based on that I hated The Used without even hearing a song. Ok that’s sort of a lie, I’d heard that worm song and didn’t like it, and I didn’t like his hair. This year I finally gave them a listen thanks to Youtube just going mad and playing ALL their videos one night, and now I like them. I’m late to everything…including joining bandwagons.
  9. Super – Two For Flinching.
  10. I Only Want You – Eagles Of Death Metal.
    I’m pretty sure I listened to this song for the entire month of March. Possibly April as well. Sometimes I liked to get warmed up before shows by being a 14yr old girl who listens to songs on loop until I hate it.

Top 5 Music Videos of 2016

  1. Bruja – Rick Dangerous and the Silkie Bantams
  2. Fake My Own Death – Sum 41
  3. Why Generation – Fidlar
  4. Hold On – At The Space jam
  5. Ha..

Top 5 Gigs of 2016

  1. Frank Iero and the Patience – 7th October – The Astor, Perth 
    I just about begged Anthony to get me a photo pass to this and I have no regrets. It wasn’t a very big show and it’s been a long time since I had to fight my way through teenage girls but one was nice enough to let me through to grab some photos. I was so close I could have touched Frank, but I didn’t. My superhero power is self control.
  2. Rick Dangerous and the Silkie Bantams – 15th April – Bruja Tour – The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar, Melbourne. 
    I’d heard good things about this band, and my friend and I were meant to see them when we were in Sydney two years ago but saw the Dividers instead because someone was sick, so here I was in Melbourne and finally seeing them. BLOWN AWAY!!! Best live act in Australia and when I win lotto I’ll bring them to Perth.
  3. Day In The Dust – 6th March – Margaret River
    This was one bad ass weekend in general, but this was a killer day with awesome people. 10/10 would do it again, but not in a white t-shirt.
    Day In The Dust-077
  4. L7 – 6th October – Capitol, Perth
    I’ll admit I knew nothing about L7 other than my love for the song Pretend We’re Dead when I asked for a photo pass. I left that show in awe of these amazing women rocking out on stage. In an industry where a lot of men look down on women in music/at gigs I left there hoping I’m even half as cool as them at their age. It was the first time I got to shoot upstairs as well and I felt like a bit of a rock star. It’s the small things.
  5. Eagles Of Death Metal – 29th March – Metropolis, Fremantle
    Another one I put my hand up for shooting without knowing anything other than everyone telling me how great they are. Turns out they were right. What sucked for me was the fact the band went on almost half an hour late to accommodate for people turning up THEN for the show. If you’re going to pay $60 to see a band, why not come and see the opening act too? Be on time and don’t ruin it for all the other people who did come on time. Who knows, you might actually discover you like the band. For anyone who doesn’t know how photo pits work – 3 songs and you’re out, so instead of seeing most of their set I only get to see around 5 songs and I had to leave to make it home. Just before leaving I got to see Jesse proposing to his girlfriend on stage. It was pretty damn cool to get to experience that!

Things That Didn’t Suck Ass in 2016!

I started 2016 winning a tattoo voucher. I no longer had an excuse for not getting one. Commitment issues ensued. Officially a badass once it was finished.

Meeting heaps of awesome people when I went to Melbourne in April. Huge shoutout to everyone who let me stay in their homes when everything went to shit before I got on the plane: Charissa, Tom Wolfpack and especially Kacey and Mik who were total legends letting me invade their house for 3 weeks and they didn’t want to kill me by the end of it! I discovered I apparently like taking photos of flowers over there. I know, it weirds me out too.

Punks Against Poverty – Thanks to the help of Bob (aka The Bob Gordons) we put on two fundraisers and got to help out local charity Street Smugglers. It gave me some faith in humanity to everyone who came down to those shows and donated.

I won a thing. It was pretty cool. I now have a record with my name on it.


Thanks to Karl in Beerfridge I got to see Frenzal Rhomb and it was amazeballs.

I have a studio space and eventually I’m going to photograph something other than band boys in tshirts. Right now it’s just covered in dust and glitter.

Things To Look Forward To In 2017?

Scalphunter’s album. I heard the unmastered stuff in 2015. Then in January. Come on guys, you’re killing me here!

Seeing how many concerts I can worm my way into because I own a camera.

Shooting anything other than a band really. Keep an eye out for more Star Wars porn.

I might actually finish my Punk Pinup calendar. I’m about half way done, worst case scenario it will just be 12 months of Scotty from Nerdlinger. The photos from his shoot are just amazing. I’d buy it.

Ok..it’s 4am. I think I’m tired. I’m leaving before that changes.


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