Flashback Friday – Zombies!


FBF to 2012 – to the day – when I had a zombie shoot with these two girls at a local cemetery. I had a friend assisting me to help with any cleanup to avoid getting fake blood on my camera but I ended up not even needing her really – so much so that she got this behind the scenes photo of me. It was probably the cleanest zombie shoot I’ve ever had.

The two girls were ready to go when we got there with makeup on. The shoot started one with one as a zombie and the other the ‘victim’, but the victim had a severe case of the giggles and couldn’t stop laughing. By the end of the shoot she’d turned zombie too, so if you’re ever in a zombie apocalypse maybe take it a little bit seriously 😉

I thought it fitting to show off the photo I was taking when this behind the scenes photo was taken. I don’t even know how I edited it but it was shot on my Canon 400D with 50mm lens. I still have that camera, compared to my Nikon now it’s like a toy camera. It’s so small and light! Sometimes I really regret selling the 50mm though because I only have the lensbaby for it now.

I got to a point about 2-3 years ago where I really resented being known as “the girl who takes zombie photos”, when compared to the amount of pinup/music photography I’d done a handful of shoots were all I was known for. I’m pretty sure I could count all the zombie shoots I’ve done on one hand. They are a lot of fun though so maybe I’ll do another one some day.


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