Off With Her Head!

Having been using Patreon exclusively the past year (until dropping it’s useless ass last month) I’ve completely neglected my blog it seems. Sorry to whoever actually reads this thing!

So I have some pretty major health issues which means I can’t do as much photography work as I like and I had to give up my studio space last year. To be completely honest I fail at being a functioning human in general some days and everything has gone to shit. My spine hates me and thanks to a douchecanoe last year I now have arthritis in my neck as well. It’s just fun times all round. So there’s been a lot of “what am I doing with my life?” mid-life existential crisis type crap so my neck results sort of made that decision for me: I’m going to focus just on getting back into my art. I started this off my taking a trip down memory lane and re-editing a photoshoot from 2011.

Death to Alice

2010-2011 I bought myself an Alice in Wonderland costume for a photoshoot. I had a Snow White costume so I wanted to work my way through my fav Disney princesses. Not that Alice is a princess..but let’s not get technical ok? I put out a casting call for an Alice shoot. A model was keen but then she goes and does the shoot with another photographer and somewhere along the lines I was “jealous” because she jumped ship. Sure thing. The Tim Burton film came out around that time and nekminut every camera owner in Perth was doing an Alice shoot. There was overkill on girls all wearing the same costumes, all sitting in parks (or studios) with the exact same was so monotonous I declared I was killing off Alice.  No fucks given.

I found myself a model (Zoe Lovage) and makeup artist (Eclectic Styles) keen on the idea in mind and got my friend to help assist which translates to “watch my bag”. At the time I was ok with my photos but I wasn’t “OMG WOW” over them either. This was 100% on me though because I hate myself if think I failed the team and I didn’t really know how to use my flash (some might say I still don’t know). Going back to them now and having another go at editing them I’m so much happier with the photos. It also helps that my editing has improved quite a bit since 2011.

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